Watch: Fauzie Laily’s New Music Video – Love Love Love

Finally, after so long, Suria superstar, Fauzie Laily has returned to music with a brand new song “Love Love Love” and an accompanying video. The track is written and composed by Fauzie himself, with an appearance from Singapore rap duo, Komrad. Upcoming actress Nurul Nabila appears in the music video. Congrats Fauzie!

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Watch: In My Heart – Ryan Sufiyan feat Lefttool

The Final 1 contestant, Ryan Sufiyan, put out an alternative National Day tune with local rapper/singer Lefttool. Not bad! Check out this Riduan Yusoff production in a nicely shot music video shot by Redream Studios. Great job!

Watch: M.Nasir’s Luncai Emas Picks up Singapore Rocker

Ikhsan Ace might not be a familiar name here in the Singapore scene but this rocker dude has started to make waves across the Causeway. He is signed to M.Nasir’s Luncai Emas and his first single is composed by Sifu, no less. “Aku Bukan Penjara” has been also making rounds on Malaysian radio. You got to give this brother a listen!

Watch: Sleeq in Magic Potion’s Magic Weekend

Sleeq appears in this video blog chronicling their weekend in Kuala Lumpur. Magic Potions is the moniker Alyph Sleeq uses for his music production work. Awesome editing!

Watch: SOULMSTRS #RoadToHollywood Part 1

SOULMSTRS or pronounced “SoulMisters” brought three friends Farhan Shah, Jules Jumari and Faridzuan Faris to Hollywood to take part in the World Championship of Performing Arts 2013. Guess what, they won quite a bunch of awards. They got 3 Gold Medals for R&B,Soul,Jazz category and also for the Open (Original Composition) and Finalists category. They also received 2 Silver Medals for the Pop and Open category. The original composition is an English song written and composed by Faridzuan Faris, Sahalif Abu Bakar and Farhan Shah himself.

We last heard of the Singapore Idol finalist, Farhan Shah, with his own Malay single, “Mengapa Kau Harus Pergi”. Is the trio permanent? Sounding good though from the snippets we got from the video above. Looking forward to hearing their original composition together!

World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) is an annual music and talent competition held in Los Angeles, USA where participants from around the world gather to put out their best talents, aiming for the recording and management contracts offered by prestigious companies in the States. The last time Singapore took part was in 2009 where Imran Ajmain won 3 medals himself; 1 Gold for Open Category (Original Composition) and 2 Bronzes for R&B,Soul,Jazz and Broadway respectively.

Congratulations SOULMSTRS! Hope to hear more from you guys. The 2nd part of this video comes on live eve of Raya. Looking forward.

Watch: Raikan Bersama Music Video by Audionauts

Local rock band, Audionauts, joins strings of Singaporean Malay artistes and debuts their Raya single too on YouTube. However, this, we might say is a better take on an original sound, compared to the others that come out this year.

The music video is also an elaborate collaborative effort that credits their contemporaries such as Null Mambang, Lyna Bridal, Susu Dan Solo, Makan First @ Bukit Gombak, M.Noe and also friends who appeared in the video such as Izzuwin Shah , Lydia 19Shootz, Dean White Ali, and Deana Manto. The song is written and composed by the band members itself Malon and Rizal. Good job guys!

Watch: Young TV Faces Make a Raya Cover Video

Alfian Rahim, Aidil Jufri, Mujaheed, Kamsani Jumahat, Shalyza Rosly, Lydia Izzati, Lydia Asyiqin, Erni Aidil, and Hanna Sharif are probably names that you cannot put a face to. Here they are, in this property-agent funded Hari Raya music video with a song made popular by Rahimah Rahim. Some of them are from Anak Metropolitan III, some are Anugerah alumni, some acted in Kelas Detention on Suria and the more notable ones are from the recent Final One singing competition on Channel 5.

Must be fun to have thought about and executed this harmless video. However, we disagree that Ashmi Roslan is in it! The fella has acted many major roles in Malay dramas and a great TV repertoire to boot. I think Mak-Chicks Production could have done without him!

We recommend putting “Selamat Hari Raya – Rahimah Rahim Cover 2013” as the head title, and also to explain how does this help the property-agent whose picture/namecard appears at the end! Selamat Hari Raya!

What do you think?