Cinta Kek: Too Sweet To Be True

“Cinta Kek is a reality series about four cousins of distinctively different personalities, who run an artisan cake shop. Superwoman Raiha who is in charge of producing delectable cakes for the shop, finds herself also having to juggle with managing the expectations of both her staff and customers, and trying to maintain work-life balance at the same time. Each week, as the shop receives different orders with different requirements; the team has to deal with many customers who can be unappreciative or demanding. At the end of the day, it is their love for the craft and family ties that see them through.” – Taken off MediaCorp Website

We are not too sure if this is really Info-Ed as the website writes, or really Reality-TV as the trailer suggests it to be. Produced by Fine Cut Media and directed by Remi M Sali for MediaCorp Suria, the program picks a ready-made idea from “Cake Boss” on TLC Asia and “DC Cupcakes” on Star World Asia, and gives it a Singaporean-Malay twist. The reality part is that it is set and located at a real cake shop in the form of ‘Cake Love Couture‘ off Jalan Pisang in the Sultan Mosque/Kampong Glam district in Singapore. The Info-Ed part kicks in when they show know-how in cake decorating. Albeit slow plot and weak acting (Ya, Reality program some more), one thing that cannot be denied is that the goods in the show like the monster-sized cakes are real and such cake-decorating skills is not something everyone can easily hone.

Sadly, we couldn’t find much online until we started digging the Facebook comments off their official pages. We suggest to the admin of Cinta Kek Facebook Page to update showtimes, behind-the-scene videos, catch-up TV links EVERYDAY, and also highlight the fact that there is a REAL cake shop behind all that cake batter and TV make-up. We also suggest a designated Twitter account to broadcast #kekcinta hashtag throughout the week. At least it’ll sell more cakes!

Kek Cinta airs on MediaCorp Suria 4 April til 23 May 2013 Every Thursday at 9.00pm

Catch up Kek Cinta on XinMSN HERE.