Listen: Rauzan Rahman releases 15 song compilation, Chapter One Done

Chapter One Done


With his signing to Malaysian company, FIPRO, Singaporean rapper and producer, Rauzan Rahman, releases a compilation of his best body of work titled “Chapter One Done” this week. The tracks include the following:

1.My First Storybook
2.MillionWear ft. Alyph Sleeq
3.KIX ft. TheCrazy88
4.My One
5.A Friend Is Better Than That
7.Kasih Mengapa ft. UrbanSensation & Roze
8.Always Be Loved ft. Roze
9.Wanted Me To Stay ft. OnlyXson
10.Runaway ft. Firwan Johan
11.SpaceShip ft. X’Statix
12.On Top Of The World ft. Zul Mystroe
13.GILA ft. TheCrazy88
14.Best ft. Pendekar
15.The Beginning ft. Royal’Ayce & Firwan Johan

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Album: Hyrul Anuar’s #Mata gets a Digital Release

HyrulAnuar MATA albumart


Almost 2 years ago, Hyrul Anuar released the album “Sesebuah Perubahan” in CD format and some of the songs went on to become Singapore radio hits such as “Popular”, “Mata”, “Salahkan” and the title track itself were used on 2 television programs on MediaCorp Suria. The album is set to be released digitally worldwide as Imran Ajmain takes on Hyrul Anuar to be signed to his Malaysian digital distribution company and record label, FIPRO.

The album and all its tracks will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and almost 10 other online music platforms for downloading or for audio streaming. The release date is set at 15th October. 1 song will be promoted each week, with a focus on a brand new song not released before “Cemburu”. All the songs are written, composed and produced by Imran Ajmain with the help of some heavyweights such as Sulu Sarawak, Shah Shamshiri, Khairafik “Rafikoncept” Khairudin, Andi Merican and introducing new blood such as Fadly Ahmad, Reyza Hamizan and more.

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“Mata”, the digital album, drops 15th October 2013 worldwide.

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Watch: In My Heart – Ryan Sufiyan feat Lefttool

The Final 1 contestant, Ryan Sufiyan, put out an alternative National Day tune with local rapper/singer Lefttool. Not bad! Check out this Riduan Yusoff production in a nicely shot music video shot by Redream Studios. Great job!

Watch: M.Nasir’s Luncai Emas Picks up Singapore Rocker

Ikhsan Ace might not be a familiar name here in the Singapore scene but this rocker dude has started to make waves across the Causeway. He is signed to M.Nasir’s Luncai Emas and his first single is composed by Sifu, no less. “Aku Bukan Penjara” has been also making rounds on Malaysian radio. You got to give this brother a listen!

Countdown: 1 more day to Sezairi’s #Sayang


Sezairi just updated his Facebook page with a photo still from the post-production work of his lyric video shoot for his new single “Sayang”. Tomorrow is his birthday and the song drops on iTunes. Read up about it HERE!

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Listen: Rahayu Ridwan’s New Single

We scoured SoundCloud for local names and we found Rahayu Ridwan’s upcoming single, “Nista Cinta”. It sounds awesome, and she sounds awesome in it! Hope that it picks up on local radio and television. However, we wish that artistes and managements who upload their music also include production credits!

Just for reference, please use this guide when uploading music onto social networking websites.

(Song Title)
Written & Composed by:
Arrangement/Production by:
Publishing: (if info is available)
Record Label: (if info is available)
Management Contact:

Good one, Rahayu!

Gossip: Putera Gemilang To Form Boyband

If you have been watching DuaM’s Gemilang on Suria, you might be familiar with these boys. Each week, they have paraded and answered questions on preserving Malay cultural values on TV and it looks like they are set to get together to form a boyband. This is not official, as we only gather this by them setting up an official Facebook page, and also updating it with pictures in the studio set.

This video too came from the page. How many were there in total? Singapore could try a song and dance boyband. It might shake up the scene a little bit! How about it? Seen in this video are Ahmad, Fikri, Luqman, and holding the camera is Afiq Arsyad. Another Raya song? Bring it on!

Look: Tengku Adil, Shenty and Hyrul Anuar at Sezairi’s #Sayang Shoot

Malaysia’s new pop-rock heartthrob arrives in the form of Singapore-born Tengku Adil and he is doing it well! He posts a picture on Instagram back home here in Singapore with Shenty Feliziana and Hyrul Anuar and captions that they are all at Sezairi’s #Sayang music video shoot.

As you know the single drops on the 6th August on Sezairi’s birthday. You can pre-order it on iTunes now. Can’t wait to see the video! Who else is in it?

Watch: Raikan Bersama Music Video by Audionauts

Local rock band, Audionauts, joins strings of Singaporean Malay artistes and debuts their Raya single too on YouTube. However, this, we might say is a better take on an original sound, compared to the others that come out this year.

The music video is also an elaborate collaborative effort that credits their contemporaries such as Null Mambang, Lyna Bridal, Susu Dan Solo, Makan First @ Bukit Gombak, M.Noe and also friends who appeared in the video such as Izzuwin Shah , Lydia 19Shootz, Dean White Ali, and Deana Manto. The song is written and composed by the band members itself Malon and Rizal. Good job guys!

InstaVid: When Hydir Idris Meets NorthBound

The Final 1 Finalist Hydir Idris meets up with YouTube singing trio NorthBound and previews a Justin Timberlake cover coming soon. Anybody knows when? Update us!