News: Ria Reacts to 1 Person Asking For MJ12 To Be Discontinued

We can’t tell if it is genuine or pure acting but we don’t suppose you would be video-recording your boss making an important announcement. The cancellation of the most popular radio show on Ria 897fm was made by Radio Announcer/Music Director, Aura Shai and the radio station’s¬†Assistant Vice President (according to a 2011 website found online),¬†Hassan Salleh takes 1:32 min of head-shaking and contemplating and finally decides that “Misteri Jam 12 will discontinue and KC will have something else to do”.

Misteri Jam 12 or affectionately called MJ12 by its ardent fans is a daily horror and mystery show hosted by DJ KC on the Malay language Singapore radio station. Callers share their horror stories.

From the growing list of more than 1500 comments, it seems that the video is made as a response to a listener who “asked MJ12 to be discontinued as it is syirik (religiously immoral)” and many disagreed, asking the show to remain. Many go to say that it is the only show that they tune in radio for, and also some hailing from Johor Bahru claiming to be fans.

We wonder why the radio reacted to one person? We will just have to wait for the follow-up.

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