Watch: Young TV Faces Make a Raya Cover Video

Alfian Rahim, Aidil Jufri, Mujaheed, Kamsani Jumahat, Shalyza Rosly, Lydia Izzati, Lydia Asyiqin, Erni Aidil, and Hanna Sharif are probably names that you cannot put a face to. Here they are, in this property-agent funded Hari Raya music video with a song made popular by Rahimah Rahim. Some of them are from Anak Metropolitan III, some are Anugerah alumni, some acted in Kelas Detention on Suria and the more notable ones are from the recent Final One singing competition on Channel 5.

Must be fun to have thought about and executed this harmless video. However, we disagree that Ashmi Roslan is in it! The fella has acted many major roles in Malay dramas and a great TV repertoire to boot. I think Mak-Chicks Production could have done without him!

We recommend putting “Selamat Hari Raya – Rahimah Rahim Cover 2013” as the head title, and also to explain how does this help the property-agent whose picture/namecard appears at the end! Selamat Hari Raya!

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