News: Suria, Ria & Warna Merges To Form MediaCorp Malay Broadcasting Division

We were expecting trailers from the Rentak Komedi 2013 as the DVD release is ready for purchase as tweeted by radio announcer, Aura Shai, on her Twitter account earlier today. But little did we expect this piece of news. Suria, Ria and Warna merges to one division under MediaCorp, it says so on the snapshot of a press release hand in Aura Shai’s hands as she posted it later onto her Twitter account. Great news, yes? What does it mean? You be the judge of it. The letter reads:

“MediaCorp announces key management and structural changes to better align itself to changing business needs. As part of the changes, TV channel MediaCorp Suria as well as radio stations Warna 94.2FM and Ria 89.7FM will be merged to form the Malay Broadcast Division and will now come under Zakiah Halim, in her new role as Senior Vice President of Malay Broadcast Division. The new organizational structure respond to the diverse needs of our customers more effectively.

Zakiah Halim who has over 28 years of experience in broadcasting adds “With this new combined structures, it will definitely provide a compelling 360° content experiences that cater to the needs and lifestyles of our consumers in this digital age. We will build on our production and multi-platform capabilities to yield efficiencies and synergies that will ultimately benefit our audience and partners.”

Also with this change, Suhaimi Jais who has led Suria for more than 6 years will join MediaCorp Studios to drive government-to-government projects.

Issued by MediaCorp Suria, Warna & Ria.”

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