All The Malay/Muslim Folk in The Final 1 Singing Competition

Yes, you read that right. We are going to highlight ONLY the Malay minority in the Final 1; Channel 5’s latest talent-scouting program airing in 2 days. Last Malay folk standing will be OUR winner! Let’s get to know who’s up against each other, shall we?

21 year old Danial Razak whose cover videos have been shared by The Script and Hot Chelle Rae themselves.

21 year old Farah Erfina wants you to know if she’s smiling in the bus, she’s listening to TaeYang.

Victoria JC’s 18 year old Farisha Ishak is ready to win your heart.

Hakim, 20 years old, recently appeared on Fiza O’s Muzik Arena. So dah ada head-start sikit…

We were not sure dia Melayu ke tak, tapi dia Muslim lah geng! 21 year old Harris Baba.
Subang telinga tu kena buka k nanti kalau Suria panggil buat show Raya.

Hariz Maloy (Mohammad Hariz bin Imran Maloy), 19 year old, looks like Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian kan?

Fathin Amira from Singapore Idol 3 dons the turban and is ready to rock you!
Ni yang anak Zubir Abdullah ni. Bagus dia tau! 


18 year old adik cantik Hashy Yusof has big potential!

You ingat dia tak?
Hydir Idris from MediaCorp Suria’s Anugerah 2009 all grown up!

Kamsani Jumahat, also from Top 20 MediaCorp Suria’s Anugerah 2009, is 22 years old. 

Kassandra Dewi Sulastri macam familiar je!! Her profile says she’s a full time performer, she should know her goods.

26 year old Abg Berg Khairul Asan’ullah takda online profile eh?

18 year old Maggie Syazana with a name you can’t forget! 

20 year old Mohamed Amirul -your Twitter username kena senang sikit tau! Who knows you might go a long way in the show!

22 year old Sufie Rashid has made his rounds in the Malay singing contest circuit.


31 year old Ryan Sufiyan is officially the eldest Abang Melayu in the show! 

Show won’t be complete without Kakak Melayu 28 year old Zarinah Bahtiar with hoop earrings and all. 
Last but not least, cutie pie here, 18 year old Zulkarnain Kamy!

Not bad eh, ada 18 orang Melayu-Islam (termasuk Indian-Muslim k?) All the images were conveniently taken off The Final 1 microsite because to use their selfies on their Twitter profile just won’t do it. Sorry, kalau kita ter-miss any other orang kita from the lot. We wish you good luck! Belajar cakap Melayu yang betul tau, it will come in handy when you win!

Use #TheFinal1SG on Twitter when you watch the premiere tomorrow 24 April 2013 on MediaCorp Channel 5 at 8pm. Tweet to us your favourite!

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