Listen: Rauzan Rahman releases 15 song compilation, Chapter One Done

Chapter One Done


With his signing to Malaysian company, FIPRO, Singaporean rapper and producer, Rauzan Rahman, releases a compilation of his best body of work titled “Chapter One Done” this week. The tracks include the following:

1.My First Storybook
2.MillionWear ft. Alyph Sleeq
3.KIX ft. TheCrazy88
4.My One
5.A Friend Is Better Than That
7.Kasih Mengapa ft. UrbanSensation & Roze
8.Always Be Loved ft. Roze
9.Wanted Me To Stay ft. OnlyXson
10.Runaway ft. Firwan Johan
11.SpaceShip ft. X’Statix
12.On Top Of The World ft. Zul Mystroe
13.GILA ft. TheCrazy88
14.Best ft. Pendekar
15.The Beginning ft. Royal’Ayce & Firwan Johan

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Event: SGMUSO’s House Party 5th October 2013



SGMUSO is very excited and proud to announce HOUSE PARTY: An SGMUSO Open House. As a follow up to the inaugural Music Matters Academy which ran as a 3-day project for Singaporean artists at Music Matters 2013, HOUSE PARTY is set to take place on 5th October 2013, at the Aliwal Arts Centre (home ofSGMUSO).
Featuring a stellar line-up of over 20 homegrown acts who have benefitted from the SGMUSO – Music Matters Academy initiative, important panel discussions/workshops as well as the exclusive screening of two local documentaries, HOUSE PARTY is jammed packed with activities in the span of a day!
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Album: Hyrul Anuar’s #Mata gets a Digital Release

HyrulAnuar MATA albumart


Almost 2 years ago, Hyrul Anuar released the album “Sesebuah Perubahan” in CD format and some of the songs went on to become Singapore radio hits such as “Popular”, “Mata”, “Salahkan” and the title track itself were used on 2 television programs on MediaCorp Suria. The album is set to be released digitally worldwide as Imran Ajmain takes on Hyrul Anuar to be signed to his Malaysian digital distribution company and record label, FIPRO.

The album and all its tracks will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and almost 10 other online music platforms for downloading or for audio streaming. The release date is set at 15th October. 1 song will be promoted each week, with a focus on a brand new song not released before “Cemburu”. All the songs are written, composed and produced by Imran Ajmain with the help of some heavyweights such as Sulu Sarawak, Shah Shamshiri, Khairafik “Rafikoncept” Khairudin, Andi Merican and introducing new blood such as Fadly Ahmad, Reyza Hamizan and more.

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“Mata”, the digital album, drops 15th October 2013 worldwide.

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Go: Tengku Adil Live at the Esplanade Waterfront 24 Aug



Singer-songwriter Tengku Adil comes home for Raya from Kuala Lumpur where he is based now, and performs live at the Esplanade Waterfront same day as Aryanband. Looks like we are going to have a ball by the bay. The ‘Babak Cinta’ singer’s first set starts at 8:45pm and the last one starts at 10pm.

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Go: Aryanband Live At The Esplanade 25 Aug



Aryanband appears at The Waterfront stage this 24th August 2013. Be sure to catch them in action!
Admission is free!

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Read: Singapore firm launches in-flight Muslim prayer app


A Singapore-based company has launched an iPhone app alerting Muslims when to pray and in which direction they should face even when they’re 35,000 feet in the air. Travellers input the flight details and are provided with prayer times during their journey, as well as the direction of the Muslim holy city of Mecca.

Crescentrating, a firm that gives “halal” or Islam-compliant ratings to hotels and other travel-related establishments, plans to make the free app, called Crescent Trips, available to Android smartphones within months, chief executive Fazal Bahardeen said.

The app also includes audio clips of prayers Muslims, required to pray five times daily at certain hours, recite when they travel.  ”The Muslim traveller is probably the largest untapped market in the travel industry today,” Crescentrating chief operating officer Dany Bolduc said.

“It really isn’t catered to as well as it should be given the immense size and potential of this market.” Spending by Muslim tourists is growing faster than the global rate and is forecast to reach USD 192 billion a year by 2020, up from USD 126 billion in 2011, according to a study released last year by Crescentrating and DinarStandard, a US-based firm that tracks the Muslim lifestyle market.

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Condolences: Actress Seri Wahyuni Jaes Loses Her Mother

Our heartiest condolences and warmest regards to popular Singaporean actress, Seri Wahyuni Jaes, who had just lost her mother yesterday due to causes not made known on her social media accounts. She posted the announcement and thank you’s on her personal Instagram account. Al-fateha.

Go: Teduhan Kasih Actors Comes to JB 8th September


In collaboration between Perkamus and Impact Music & Entertainment, on the 8th September, Sunday, 1pm to 5pm at Dewan Kencanapuri Ballroom, Pulai Spring Golf Resort, TV3’s current most popular drama, ‘Teduhan Kasih’ comes to do their bit for charity in a fundraising in aid of Persatuan Insani Darul Takzim. Sherry Ibrahim and Adi Putra will be joined by many artistes including Singaporean bands. Tickets are at RM100 & RM200 at the door.

Watch: Fauzie Laily’s New Music Video – Love Love Love

Finally, after so long, Suria superstar, Fauzie Laily has returned to music with a brand new song “Love Love Love” and an accompanying video. The track is written and composed by Fauzie himself, with an appearance from Singapore rap duo, Komrad. Upcoming actress Nurul Nabila appears in the music video. Congrats Fauzie!

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News: Ria Reacts to 1 Person Asking For MJ12 To Be Discontinued

We can’t tell if it is genuine or pure acting but we don’t suppose you would be video-recording your boss making an important announcement. The cancellation of the most popular radio show on Ria 897fm was made by Radio Announcer/Music Director, Aura Shai and the radio station’s Assistant Vice President (according to a 2011 website found online), Hassan Salleh takes 1:32 min of head-shaking and contemplating and finally decides that “Misteri Jam 12 will discontinue and KC will have something else to do”.

Misteri Jam 12 or affectionately called MJ12 by its ardent fans is a daily horror and mystery show hosted by DJ KC on the Malay language Singapore radio station. Callers share their horror stories.

From the growing list of more than 1500 comments, it seems that the video is made as a response to a listener who “asked MJ12 to be discontinued as it is syirik (religiously immoral)” and many disagreed, asking the show to remain. Many go to say that it is the only show that they tune in radio for, and also some hailing from Johor Bahru claiming to be fans.

We wonder why the radio reacted to one person? We will just have to wait for the follow-up.